It’s Always Like This…

Although some feel that I am amongst the clueless masses that are wandering the earth in search of their masters,(like our nations’ leadership might suggest if I were one of his peons) I would like to think that in the bigger scheme of things that we all have a unique opportunity to impress upon the ‘leadership’ that they are mistaken in their belief that Canadians are stupid and generally blind to the atrocities committed against the Canadian nation on a daily basis no matter what silly party we all belong to or have supported. I like to think that in some small way we are all equal and as such should be afforded the equal opportunity to discuss the problems of the country we are living in and the platforms of those who wish to run the place.
We have a stunningly beautiful country that defies the world norm but it is increasingly under threat not from foreign interests, but from those who are elected to carry out the responsibility of governing a nation in the peoples’ interests but have failed or just plain old dumb, forgotten to do so.
Canada is a bountiful nation that contributes massive quantities of innumerable resources to the world economy, provides food sustenance to hundreds of millions of people globally through exports, but yet we suffer staggering child poverty levels, unemployment figures that are rising every day(mostly through cuts that have decimated the automotive sector despite massive injections of politically driven cash payoffs), long wait times in the health system(and no one is even discussing health care reform this time around)and more and more families living beneath the poverty line which no one seems to want to discuss aside from Jack Layton and Gilles Duceppe and surely we all realize we can’t vote for Gilles…even if we wanted to!(unless it’s the Bisson guy from up north here in Ontario)
Despite the increasing wealth of oil exporting provinces who at one point or another relied heavily upon federal spending to enhance their provincial budgets, those same provinces now refuse to participate in any form of revenue sharing plans, or national energy programs, leaving those Canadians that once supported them through taxes suffering the effects of huge rising fuel and heating bills, and increasing tax loads in provinces that do not have oil interests.
One can note that the majority of the children suffering the effects of child poverty are not from those oil exporting provinces, but from the provinces that once supported the oil exporters through transfer payments.
Just like every other Canadian I’ve ever met, I too share the same feeling that after this vote just as every vote in the past, we will still be left holding the bag for stunned decisions and more than likely the majority of Canadians will be left voiceless,penniless, homeless or unemployed after October 14, and the only ones laughing their ways to the bank will be 300 and some odd fortunate fools who for the next four years(or whenever Stevie decides to drop the ball again despite his ‘fixed’ election date law…truly, it was ‘fixed’ allright.) will be afforded the gilded opportunity to drink from the public trough without any consequence for action or inaction…brilliance or stupidity,pick either one; they both win at our national expense.

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