Daily Archives: October 1st, 2008

Woodstocks’ Integrity Commissioner..Calls It Quits?

NOTHING TO ENFORCE HERE, THE INTEGRITY COMMISIONER REFUSES TO RENEW HIS TERM It appears that Woodstocks’ flirtation with Integrity has come to an end. In his annual report on the state of the city and its’ issue with integrity,Dr Ian Hunter the Integrity commissioner for the city of Woodstock has decided there is nothing he […]

Harper Nailed For Plagiarism Which Exposes Extremist Views

HARPER FORCES PEON SPEECH WRITER TO RESIGN IN ORDER TO SAVE HIS ASS So our Prime Minister Stephen Harper got his arse nailed for plagiarism…isn’t that sweet? Basically doesn’t that make him a liar? And to boot, he stole the speech of one of the most hated figures in world politics, the despised John Howard, […]