Dana Larsen…gets Fired, Resigns, Quits whatever

NDP candidate Dana Larsen has been effectively booted or lets say he resigned,(just cuz it sounds prettier for him) from the NDP after it became public knowledge that the business he was involved in had been promoting coca seeds(for cocaine)for sale in Canada and elsewhere.
He tendered his resignation after making a statement to the press in which he defended the consumption of Peruvian coca seeds as a harmless stimulant similar to coffee. Larsen worked for the vancouver Seed Bank which sold/sells coca seeds on the open market. Coca seeds are not illegal in Canada but an NDP party spokeperson claimed that they decided it was best to keep the campaign focused on their priorities instead of letting it become caught up in Mr Larsens’ personal life and choices.
Personally, I don’t see a big loss to the NDP on this one and frankly, they may have a much better opportunity at actually winning the riding than what they would have had with Larsen as nominee.(Who has demostrated his fierce loyalty to chief pot libertarian man, Marc Emery)


  1. Anonymous
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    Thats what you get for being a blatant idiot.

  2. Anonymous
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    The NDP is denying they made an informal deal with marijuana activist Marc Emery.

    Emery said on Friday that he and NDP Leader Jack Layton had an informal agreement to bring Marijuana Party members to the New Democrats. In exchange, Emery claims the NDP said they would continue efforts to decriminalize pot.

    “It was a very practical and useful deal for both concerns,” Emery told The Canadian Press in a phone interview.

    “I said everything: we’ll campaign for you, we’ll raise money for you, we’ll get candidates for you,” he said he told Layton. “If you do the right thing, we will bring you votes.”

    The NDP flatly denied they made such a deal.

    “This is pure fantasy,” campaign spokesman Brad Lavigne said. “The New Democratic Party has made no such deal with any other party or with any individual … This is nonsense, absolute nonsense.”

    News of the alleged deal came as two B.C. NDP candidates, Kirk Tousaw and Dana Larsen, resigned after separate videos emerged that allegedly showed the pair smoking pot. Both were formerly active members of the B.C. Marijuana Party.

    The NDP said the pair resigned because they were a distraction from the NDP’s focus on issues like the economy

    kind of makes emery look like a liar?

  3. Anonymous
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    “kind of makes emery look like a liar?”

    I don’t know who is lying and neither do you. The only sure thing is that one of them is lying.

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