Harper Attacks Protesters In Kitchener Ontario

Stephen Harper appeared yesterday at a construction site in Kitchener Ontario where he had hoped to unveil his new plan(part of the daily deluge of silly announcements that are designed to cost us tons of money)that would see part of closing costs on new homes become tax credit eligible. Harper stated that families could hope to save approximately $750.00 on the closing costs of a new home and those savings will spur the construction industry, creating more jobs. But he didn’t tell us that first you need people in the country that can afford to buy those houses. It’ll take more than a few tax credits to the construction industry to get Canadas’ economy moving again.
At that stop protesters dogged the PM asking him questions like “What are you going to do for manufacturing jobs” and the PM retorted with a shit eating grin stating that “You can’t stand up against the world and put up your hands and pretend that you can stop the future.” Nice, what a great guy.
Basically he was saying, you guys are screwed and Ill be damned if Im doing anything for you because you guys are from Ontario.(and besides, as Flaherty says, ontario is a bad place to invest) The he went on to say that there are more jobs being created than lost…which goes against everything we have been told for the past 6 months after the economy started collapsing around Harper and his government.
Tell that to the men and women who have lost their manufacturing jobs in Ontario and now face financial ruin. And don’t forget to tell that to the children of these families who are now lined up at food banks across the province while you and your family remain aloof and disconnected from the problems that average Canadians are experiencing.
After the protesters refused to calm down Harper ordered his campaign piggy bank bus(the one he uses to load up and pickpocket little old ladies with) to be wedged between himself and the protesters who then took out a megaphone and started yelling their complaints to the PM at his election whistlestop.
At that point Harper stated that “It is inevitable in an economy in a modern world is that there is going to be economic change”. Definitely one of the most heartfelt comments the man has ever made.
So, another day, more promises(lies) and more money spent and still the canadian economy is in rags.
The next thing we should all be concerned about is Harpers’ election promise that he would open the banking sector to foreign takeovers. He recently stated that there is no reason why Canadian companies should not be sold off to foreign investors.
Personally I feel that opening the Canadian economy to uncontrolled foreign buyouts is stunned, not what Canadians want, and will only serve the purpose of reducing Canada to a rump state controlled by a rump of a man in PM Harper.


  1. Anonymous
    Posted September 17, 2008 at 10:47 am | Permalink

    Harper is scary. So are Dion, Layton, and May. They are all living in some sort of political fantasyland. None of these people are prepared to commit to solving the real problems facing this country. They are only interested in solving one problem. Getting elected.

    It’s a sad situation when the only party leader that doesn’t scare me is Giles Duceppe.

  2. Anonymous
    Posted September 17, 2008 at 10:54 am | Permalink

    At least he seems to have some idea of what he is working with.

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