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After numerous anonymous posts that claim I am doing the Woodstock Wildcats and the volunteers of that organization a complete disservice by posting some pics of uniforms being air dried last week at the mouldy civic centre I have decided that I will post the following.
1/ The Wildcat organization is manned by some great volunteers and by some very interested parents.
2/ The Wildcat organization is not responsible in any manner for the mould situtation nor were they participating in any general coverup of the mould.
3/Through no fault of their own, the Wildcats management and volunteers were placed into the same dangerous situtation as everyone else according to arena staff who have access to air quality tests…THAT WERE NOT COMPLETED IN YOUR DRESSING ROOM/EQUIPMENT STORAGE AREA.
4/The Photos and caption in any preceding story were not intended to make you look stupid, but to make the community look at what damage a few stupid city staffers were capable of doing in a few short months by not DOING THEIR JOBS.(which by the way, we paid the buggers to do.)
5/Removing something that was previously posted is generally how I don’t do things. I prefer everyone to see how capable we all are at making errors in judgement. If you want a whitewash…let me know, it can be accomodated.
6/In no uncertain terms would I ever have belittled a group of people who subjected themselves to inhaling poisoned air at the citys’ behest. I just want to say that I am completely sorry that the city management even let you in there before the actual testing had been completed…this is complete gross negligence on their part.
As a city ratepayer, I would not have objected to replacing the equipment that was contaminated, but I would have wanted the city to find a way to recover the costs from the managers who failed to perform the jobs that we already paid them to do.(there is a major issue of gross negligence)
Considering that not everyone on this planet is perfect I am glad to announce to you that I fall into that category, and as a result I will continue to make errors as I am human and not some poor bugger who cannot think for himself. I will continue to make some errors from which I hope to learn some things. I hope by the time I am 70, I will be perfectly knowledgeable and esteemed in my wisdom.
I am glad to give you this apology if it will help to alleviate your distress.But for myself and all the others, the real issue is all about how and why a bunch of people(the management) who were paid to do a job(basically looking out for our communitys’ interests)just sat around and did absolutely nothing.(except run and hide when the shit hit the fan)This has become the status quo in municpal government. They just cut and run. Too few people have the gonads to stand up and complain, but in Woodstock we have a few people who are trying very hard to bring some nasty stuff up that needs to be discussed…and this is for them and the community that supports them in their endeavours.
Nope, the wildcats are a great organization and as well are the players and the parents who continually put out to make it happen for their kids.
It’s the same thing I’d do for my family too. Stand up for them.And not cut and run.


  1. Anonymous
    Posted September 8, 2008 at 5:54 pm | Permalink

    I've been sitting back with clenched teeth all weekend to respond with anger towards the wildcats representatives. But I'm going to step back and try not to let anger be the centre point of my response.

    FACT: Jim Bender & to some degree Hugo and 1 mighty mouse councilor have been the ONLY sources OUTSIDE OF THIS BLOG SITE that have responded to this travisty on BEHALF OF ARENA WORKERS & YOU WILDCATS ALONG WITH ALL OTHER USER GROUPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    FACT: If someone had not taken your dirty laundry pictures the scope of the story would not have been presented. Did you see the sentinel up there interviewing you taking pictures of this travisty? That is the other side of the coin as they say. You are slighted, hurt by headlines from Jim. In his honest attempts he was making this public to demonstrate that not you but a manager being paid big bucks plus an assistant facility manager failed in doing their jobs! Showing the picture is worth a thousand words as they say. Jim never took the pictures! Ever think of that before you slammed duncked him for doing that in this blog??? Who should be apologetic? Did you ever think that the pictures were taken by someone else to keep this story in focus and on the front burner? Why do you think Bob is asking wildcats who took the pictures? Ever wonder why? Your little world in the corner of the civic centre pails in comparision to the whole big picture story.

    AS an arena staff person where the hell has your association been during this whole process? It was suggested that you have had your head hiding in the sand or somewhere else warm!

    The very people that we the arena staff counted on to speak up over this issue have sat back and said nothing! NO editorials in the the Sentinel YET! These are the same staff who give your coaches & kids extra ice time if they can. These are the same arena staff who run around like idiots at your BIG tournament to meet your needs & make each & every year just that much better! These are the same arena staff who meet you with a smile when you come in to the rink and wave good-bye when you leave. Yet you slam dunk Jim who is the only one who has given us a public forum to keep you abreast of the lies, cover-ups, deceit, bullying, pressure perceived & real, belittlement, redicule & others. What have you done to put pressure on your elected council to allow arena staff to tell the whole story of health risks to public & staff? In which a seasoned manager of 28 years should have prevented! He was only concerned when he walked in and saw the whole fucking mess that he had 2 agenda items. Get the evidence cleaned up & the fair is 2 weeks away at ALL COSTS TO YOU WILDCATS, user groups & STAFF.


    Think of your children when they go out and work at a job being told by a dictator boss to clean up toxic mould with no training, procedures in how to handle it, improper Personal Protective Equipment & then baggered when your child raised questions & concerns about their personal health. I bet you wouldn't be sitting with your head somewhere else hiding it! Maybe you should look into having your child come work for this manager at the arena and find out for yourself first hand what it is really like. What a perspective!

    The arena staff is extremely disapointed in 1 of our largest user groups who have kept silent on the issue by not going to the press in helping us put pressure on our elected council to hold the person responsible for building damage, equipment damage, health damage, very poor staff relations, waisted tax dollars in clean up could have been avoided, black eye on community services, black eye on elected council, black eye on the mayor, black eye on the city. Why all the black eyes? They don't want you to see the whole story. They might have to disclpilne a supervisor.

    The arena staff is very proud that they have brought this issue out into the public domain to protect themselves and you the user group who rent the facility.

    WE are proud that we serve you to the best of our abilities.

    WE are proud of our accomplishments in our work.

    WE would even feel better if you got on board instead of taking runs at our ally Jim Bender, Hugo & the mighty councilor who have all taken a huge dose of shit from higher ups for keeping this story alive.

    Take the time to talk to a couple of credible arena staff & find out the truth about what really happened before you knee jerk react to the bigger picture which is why the pictures of your airing the equipment was taken in the first place. It wasn't about you personally for your efforts. It was about your organization the victim!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    IT is about why did a manager let this building get in to this condition in the first place? Then why did he pursue in risking the health & welfare of public & staff in the process prior to taking the necessary action protocols of testing the building prior to any admittance?

    Why the hell did you think J.P.Hurley wore full body suits, Respirator masks, gloves & booties to stop cross contamination? Why do you think that they called in a professional company to clean mould?

    Arena staff are waitng for an apology for your over reaction to Jim & leaving us to fend for ourselves with you at the forefront as a user group!

    Thanks for nothing so far.

    Read the courage comments sent by 1of 4 staff persons who was baggered to go in and clean the toxic mould. Speak to the 2 staff persons who went on stress leave over this issue. Speak to the staff who are on the brink!

    Hoping that this response may encourage you wildcats to use your influence in placing pressure on the responsible administration staff instead of Jim Bender, Hugo, Councilor & above all arena staff who are the biggest victims in this issue.

  2. Anonymous
    Posted September 9, 2008 at 3:24 am | Permalink

    Minor hockey is requesting copies of all the test results, board of health documents, MOL documents etc. Why isnt the wildcats?

  3. Anonymous
    Posted September 10, 2008 at 3:27 am | Permalink

    Thats a very good question. So Wildcats why aren’t you???

  4. Anonymous
    Posted September 10, 2008 at 5:26 pm | Permalink

    What's a matter Wildcats? Cat got your tongue? You were full of bravado on the weekend, lots to say. I saw that Jim was man enough to apologize to you. Yet you have failed to apologize to him for his honest efforts & those of arena staff.

    Must have got your attention that an arena staff person stood up to your over reaction & question of where the hell have you been? Still don't see a positive response of support in this Blog or in the Sentinel. That's OK silence speaks volumes. WE know or will assume that you don't support us in this whole mess. We will be the first one to apologize to you if we are wrong?

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