A Year Later…And Still No Autism Funding

I guess it isn’t hard to be consumed by something when you must live with it everyday of the week. Perhaps if Dalton McGuinty and all of his federal/provincial counterparts had a child like this they might reconsider what they have done to some of Ontarios’ most vulnerable persons…but then again, they are probably too self absorbed to see anything other than their own stupid selves. I almost wished John Tory or Howard Hampton had kicked his ass out of office just for that reason alone…and god knows I can barely stand John.(Howard could be livable)
For weeks and weeks my son has started his day at somewhere between 2 and 4 AM.. In fact, I bet this has gone on for years and I’ve just lost track as a result of the lack of sleep. Once he is awake there is no convincing him that he should return to the warm comfort of his bed. Ultimately this only means that I too must get up and sit in the dark with him waiting for the morning to arrive. Many times we are outside playing at 6 AM or out walking when he decides to cooperate with me. Usually though it’s just sitting in the dark…he hates the lights being turned on.
To me it is very difficult to stay awake when one only gets a few hours a night of rest but there is nothing that can be done about it. I must stay awake with him at all costs…if I don’t he could possibly cause injury to himself. And that would leave me responsible…so I must stay awake.
VON support staff are not contracted to work overnight…and besides that, there are no VON support staff available to do the job even if there were funds available. It is a vicious circle. The government refuses to pay these people a decent wage…so no one wants the job, and as a result parents and families are first and last to suffer.
I think of all the countless ways in which our government pees away our tax dollars. They give away money to organizations that do not need it,(like the soccer club mess from last year) and they provide tax breaks to a dying automotive industry that is not sustainable in todays’ economic climate no matter how much money they toss at it. I look at things in Ontario and think that when Ontario was booming, Daltons’ government squandered an opportunity to make a difference after having promised that they would do just that.
Yes, Daltons’ government mislead the people of Ontario into believing that help was on its’ way.
It’s kind of like seeing a terrible car accident with someone trapped inside the smouldering wreck,offering your help to them, but then backing away and instead bust out the hotdogs and watch them fry while cooking your dinner.
I work long days, usually arriving home at 9 or 10 PM in the evening feeling totally beat from the extended hours I burn. I begrudgingly pay my taxes so Dalton and friends have money to play with.
I look at things in several ways here. For 10 full years now we have questioned the motives of governments both national and provincial that seemingly wish nothing more than to see the problem of autism just disappear from the radar screen. We reached a hallmark of sorts this weekend. My son Jayden turned 13. In 10 years he has had 5 months of IBA therapy courtesy of our Ontario government. The day he turned 6…they cut him off…due to his age…the government claimed that autistic children do not learn anything after that point. I think government has the learning problem…not my son.
Throughout his short life he has had some limited speech therapy…nothing ongoing…just an odd visit to the schools, and the odd time a call to the house to tell us they(the speech people) were at the school.
For 10 years we have begged the school for one on one suport for him…even though they are mandated to provide this under the education act but to no avail. Things have been so severe and lacking that staff at local schools have lost our son when they were not watching him. He’s a runner. A person needs to have eyes in the back of their head. I always thought one on one support meant one on one….but to the school board one on one support means one teachers’ aide…to 3-5 students. A far cry from one on one. I’m sure the board pays the school to provide one on one. I wonder what happens to the money?
All I know is that I could write a thousand lines that would all result in me saying the same thing.
So, when they come knocking on my door asking for my support this election…I will remind them that their provincial counterparts lied to me and my family and that is all that really matters here. The federal and provincial wings of the party are grossly attached to each other, so for me I will have to say that I will not vote for anyone or any party who have promised me nothing more than a bunch of lies. Let the race begin and let the biggest liars win.


  1. Anonymous
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    Having children was your own choice.

  2. Anonymous
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    McGuinty has spent his entire 1 1/2 terms as Premier hiding under his desk sucking his thumb. He is afraid to address the serious problems facing this province. If the Conservatives had campaigned last time with a leader that wasn’t a bumbling twit McGuinty would be long gone.

  3. Anonymous
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    Hey Jim, maybe it’s the right time for a real alternative,the NDP.

  4. Anonymous
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    “Hey Jim, maybe it’s the right time for a real alternative,the NDP.”

    That would only appeal to anyone too young to remember Premier Bob Rae or unfamiliar with the people currently in charge of said gaggle of cuckos.

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