American Religious Wackos Plan Protest Of Beheading Victims’ Funeral!!

An American right wing fundemental Baptist Church(aka..the “wackos”) lead by insanely controversial pastor Fred Phelps has decided to come to Canada to protest the funeral of beheading victim Tim Maclean saying that “GOD HATES CANADA” and this is why Tim was murdered.
This same group of people has made it routine to protest at funerals of slain military personnel and at other public funerals of murder victims across the US and Canada.
Most recently in Canada they protested the governments’ decision to permit same sex marriages.
What a sickening gesture from a group of sick people. This “church” organization should be arrested for perpetrating hate crimes against Canadians. Check out their website…. perhaps there is a HRC complaint lurking in their somewhere.
Mr Macleans family deserves their privacy after suffering a most public horrific murder at a complete strangers hands. Perhaps Canadians should go to Winnepeg and show those crazy baptists the dirt road home.


  1. Anonymous
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    This post demonstrates precisely why subsection 13(1) of the Canadian Human Rights Act should be removed.

    No matter how offensive you find their behaviour these people have (or should have in a free society) the RIGHT to express a point of view.

    Refusing them entry to Canada is perfectly reasonable as they are foreign nationals who want to enter the country and cause trouble.

    Suggesting that what they have to say should be a criminal offense is an entirely different matter and constitutes another step down the road to totalitarianism.

    Offending you should not be a criminal offense.

    If their speech isn’t free then neither is yours.

  2. jim bender
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    I don’t beleive that it is a criminal offence for anyone to say anything…but I do beleive that our charter does not include those who do not reside in our country, and do not hold citizenship.
    I understand that the protections offered under the charter are for canadians.
    They have the right to america..where they came from.
    In canada, they have no rights.

  3. jim bender
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  4. Anonymous
    Posted August 8, 2008 at 12:15 pm | Permalink

    So a visitor to this country is not entitled to the same protection under Canadian law as a citizen? Unlikely.

    These guys are offensive rat bags. If they show up at the funeral I’m sure they will be dealt with in an appropriate manner by the family and mourners. I just hope the news cameras are there to document it.

    Allow these upstanding Christians to publicly demonstrate just how twisted and diseased they are. They are their own worst enemy.

  5. Anonymous
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  6. Anonymous
    Posted August 10, 2008 at 9:59 pm | Permalink

    There’s a picture in today’s Sun from the funeral the fundy wackos were
    going to protest. The street is lined with supporters of the family
    just waiting for the fuckers to make an appearance.

    They never showed up. I guess they knew they weren’t covered by our health care system.

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