Daily Archives: July 22nd, 2008

Zimbabwes’ Stolen Election Proves To Be A Popular Formula For Winning

AT FIRST GLANCE, IT MAY SEEM MEAN, RUTHLESS AND SOMEWHAT GENOCIDAL, BUT ON THE OTHER HAND, ROBERT MUGABE DOES OPENLY WHAT ALL THE REST DO IN SILENCE OR WISH THEY COULD DO To me it all seems perfectly fitting that the reason the world stands by and watches Zimbabwe crumble and fall whilst murdering its’ […]

Just What Exactly Is The Point Of Being In Opposition WhenEveryone Seems To Agree?

WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF NOT STANDING UP TO HARPER? So, I read this following chart, and I ask myself…just what is the point of being in opposition, when so many votes seem to be in agreement with the evil CONservatives? And why are there so many absencies when the rest of us poor bastards […]