Canada’s Chief of the Defence Staff Wants More Troops To Kill

General Walter Natynczyk, the newly appointed head of Canadian Forces serving in Afghanistan has conceded that he will require more troops in order to get the job done after weeks of bloody violence left more soldiers dead.
Last week his view on the situation in Afghanistan was that the violence that had overtaken the Kandahar was “insignificant” and that the situation had not reached a crisis. This week he changed his mind and now says the situation is worsening in Kabul, in the eastern regions of Afghanistan and in the southern portions of Afghanistan where Canadian troops are based.
To me, the situation is dire and it appears as though when one reads the story, the entire country in inflamed and I do not believe the good General has any idea what the heck he is talking about….and perhaps even doing.
If you aren’t planning on going in and finishing the job, then you ought to be planning a way to get those men back home efficiently and as quickly as possible. It is doubtful that this massive investment of dollars in the form of military expenditures will ever achieve anything more than what is today the norm in Afghanistan.

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