Gallery of Weasels……….AW(And certainly, not AL)

A Gallery of Weasels..Welcome to Woodstocks Gallery Project

So council reversed its decision of last month and is now fast-tracking the feasibility study for the art gallery. For those of you who came late to the party, His Specialness had more pressing matters to attend to so he missed last months meeting.

He didn’t approve of the way council voted on the gallery study in his absence so he pulled some quasi-legal strings (probably threatened to hold his breath ’till he turned blue) and had the vote held again. This time he showed up and tipped the scales in favour of rushing the process for his buddies on the gallery committee.

In future maybe they should just let him phone in his vote and save us all the fuss and bother of watching him weasel around to get what he wants.We’re talking about a highly questionable project with a projected budget of 5.8 Million Dollars here folks.

Why are they in such a hurry? Why are they not following established procedures? What are they hoping we won’t notice, other than the obvious fact that this monument to the self-importance of a few local art fanciers is a complete waste of our tax dollars?

It’s the golf course all over again. His Wonderfulness is trying to work the system to slide goodies to his buddies, at our expense. He has the support of the usual suspects; Lauder, Talbot and Gerrie. Remember those names in 2010 and vote for someone else. We need more dead cats.

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