Daily Archives: July 5th, 2008

Is Canadian Food Security About To Be Sold Off By Stephen Harper?

FEDERAL GOVERNMENT FOOD SECURITY SCIENTIST FIRED The Government of Stephen Harper is preparing to hand over legal authority for food inspections, labelling and standards setting to INDUSTRY! Luc Pomerleau a federal government scientist(with what the government says is a completely unblemished record of work) was fired over his alleged ‘leaking” of information that was previously […]

PM Harper Claims Biofuels Have Not affected Food Prices…Much

WILL HARPERS’ PUSH FOR BIOFUELS STARVE OFF THE WORLDS POOREST? With food prices rising around the globe it is a major concern that any nations’ leader would attempt to take food stocks out of circulation and place those very same food grains into the spectrum of biofuel production. Although PM Harper claims that biofuels have […]

How Many Crack Homes Can You Count In Woodstock?

POLICE RESOURCES TAPPED OUT ARRESTING POTHEADS…CRACK HOUSES SPRING UP ALL OVER WOODSTOCK TOYOTO TOWN I often wonder what it is the police are doing in our town. Not that I am interested in their personal lives or anything, but I do wonder, with all of the new crack “homes” springing up, and the rising misuse […]

Dr Henry…You Owe Me One Good Dinner.

MORGENTALER TOPS THE LIST THIS WEEK What a week. If it wasn’t for the crazy people that a person hears about in the course of ones life there wouldn’t be anything worth writing about. This week saw one of the most divisive figures in the history of Canada honoured with an ‘Order of Canada’ award, […]

These Boots Were Made For Walking

One More Persepective On The CWB… After being found guilty of breaking Canadian laws three times in the last 11 months, my prime minister vowed that any opposition to his plans to destroy the Canadian Wheat Board would be “walked over”. No dissent or other opinions are allowed, no room for honest debate about the […]