Indeed We Are Fortunate

(Oh Canada, our home and native land…or so the diddy goes.)
The Conference Board of Canada’s (CB)annual comparative analysis of Canadas’ performance when tested against 16 of its’ peers, has painted a dismal picture of Canadas’ future despite all of the feel good look good forecasts presented by Canadas’ New Governments’ Finance Minister, Jim Flaherty.

The report describes a country that despite enormously high commodity prices has by virtue of poor policy and planning(or lack thereof), been consistently falling short in 5 of 6 categories such as the economy, innovation, environment, education and skills, health and society.

Well isn’t that a fine statement on the state of the nation at large? Just in time for Canadas’ 141st birthday! To me that kind of describes a country that is on the way to some type of collapse, unless we can sell it quickly to someone or some thing from say The UAE or Anywhere on planet earth but here?
The report then goes on to say that Canadians are laggards and lacking in productivity and innovation. They stated that the invention of the Blackberry was the “exception, but not the rule.” (So folks, everything you’ve been doing for Canadas’ economy is just a waste of your time…according to them.)

The “report”(you know, this is a “report” that I am writing RIGHT NOW AT THIS VERY MOMENT so it must be as valid as their report!)then goes on to detail a few stupid things the government could do to make Canada more saleable to foreign investors…..haha! (So there is a some type of motive!)

CB then went on to endorse a “report” that had been generated by a secretive business panel that urged Ottawa to further sellout Canada by deleting foreign investment restrictions in telecommunications, airlines and uranium mining, calling it a “push in the right direction”….personally, sounds more like a ‘shove’.

The ‘CB’ in its report neglected several very important things in the way that government views and invests in its’ own people. Instead of placing any attention on the lack of government policy that could direct investment funding into local or national solutions with an emphasis on creation of new technologies or economies, the report generally just reinforces the old dying industrial sectors of the past, such as heavy manufacturing(automotive etc.) and forestry.

One thing we can be sure of is the New CONServative government will likely read this thing (the ‘report’)and say to themselves that the CB has it right(like they generally do when they attempt to legitimize themselves…) and they will use this as an excuse to reduce Canadian ownership content even further than we’ve previously experienced. Leaving me to wonder…just how many more birthdays will Canada have if Canadians don’t even own the damned place?


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