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Beef Recall…You can recall a burger, but not an elected official.

Frozen beef burgers manufactured by a Mississauga company are being recalled for possible E. coli contamination.The affected products made by Cardinal Meat Specialists Ltd. include Cardinal Roadhouse Beef Burgers in a 20-piece, 113-gram box with a product code of 01-1697 and UPC 63351 00126.The other recalled items are: Compliments Beef Burgers Super 6, 1.36 kg […]

Tory MP Khan Charged With Election Finance Irregularities

REMEMBER THIS ONE? “The more we worked together, the more both of us began to realize that, politically, we have an awful lot in common. In time, it became clear to me that Mr. Khan would be quite at home in the Conservative Party.” -Stephen Harper, January 2007 after this person crossed to the CONservative […]

After 11 Years Of Hardline CONservative Rule, Australia Ditches Howard

AUSTRALIAS’ HOWARD DRAGS CONSERVATIVES INTO OBLIVION Australia’s Labor Party swept into power on Saturday, putting 50-year-old former diplomat Kevin Rudd into office on a wave of support for generational change.Conservative Prime Minister John Howard is struggling to hold on to even his own parliamentary seat, which he has held since 1974, putting him in danger […]

Quebec Company Wants To Turn Dirty Diapers…Into Synthetic Diesel Fuel

Could Smelly diapers Be The Next Wave Of Fuel Generation? Anyone who has ever had to change one of these nasty things knows there’s some kind of fuel in there. A Quebec company is hoping to make synthetic diesel fuel from used disposable diapers that are put through a process called pyrolysis to convert them […]


We Can’t Knock Them On This One Canadas’ Conservative government has moved to protect a vast amount of the barren north to stop economic activities in the North that threaten forests and wildlife. John Baird(our environment minister) said the new protected areas, which are five times the size of Prince Edward Island, visibly shows his […]

All Thames Valley and Seperate school Board Buses Are Cancelled

FREEZING RAIN AND SNOW PELT SOUTH WESTERN ONTARIO I’ve been up since 3 am, and around 5 am the ice pelletts started hitting my back window. All Thames Valley buses have been cancelled for the day as well as the buses of the seperate school board. Only three schools are listed as being closed, East […]

City of Woodstock Hires A Municpal Investigator

WOODSTOCK HIRES INVESTIGATOR TO LOOK AT CLOSED DOOR MEETINGS AND THE BUSINESS THAT TAKES PLACE DURING THEM The City of Woodstock has hired for the first time a person who will solely investigate the goings on of city councils’ closed door meetings. This person, John Maddox, will assume his role in January of the new […]

Harper and Day Lobby For The release Of A Canadian Swindler Millionaire

NOW CONSERVATIVES WILL FIGHT FOR CANADIANS ABROAD…IF THEY HAVE MONEY This government is all over the map on these types of files. What do Jason Kenney, Stockwell Day and Stephen Harper all have in common? Not only are they esteemed members of the ruling national CONservative party, but they have an express shared interest in […]

Canada Fails Children Miserably

UN REPORT BLASTS CANADA FOR FAILING TO MEET ITS’ OBLIGATIONS A new report from UNICEF Canada suggests that Canada is failing to meet its’ obligations under the United Nations’ Convention on the Rights of the Child. The report which is to be released today with the advent of National Child Day makes recommendations that Canada […]

Cliff Zaluski Did Not Send This Person To See Me

CLIFF ZALUSKI DID NOT SEND THIS PERSON TO SEE ME, NOR DID THE VILLAGES OF SALLY CREEK INC…THIS CRAZED OUT OF TOWNER JUST FREAKED FOR NO REASON…WHERE WERE THE TASERS?????? Cliff Zaluski did not(and I will reaffirm that…did not) send anyone to pay me a visit. What did happen was, some guy, named Fred******** came […]