Daily Archives: November 17th, 2007

They Couldn’t Get The Job Done So….CONservatives Move To Try And Kill Gun Registry…Again

HARPER WANTS TO KILL GUN REGISTRY COMPLETELY DESPITE OBJECTIONS FROM POLICE FORCES ACROSS THE COUNTRY Harpers’ federal CONservative party is bound,bent and determined to make the job of policing Canada more difficult in the future for Canadas’ police forces. Doris Day…ahem, Stockwell Day says that the money saved(didn’t they already cut finance to the registry […]

Harper Wants Schreiber Out Of Canada..I Wonder Why?

PM HINTS THAT HE WILL NOT LET SCHREIBER STAY UNTIL MULRONEY INQUIRY IS OVER We’ve already spent millions keeping this guy here so what is the big rush? Stephen Harpers’ CONservative government hinted Friday that it wants to send Karlheinz Schreiber back to Germany and have officials from a public inquiry interview him there – […]

Progressive Canadians To Join Liberals

PROGRESSIVE CANADIAN PARTY EXECUTIVE JOINS THE FEDERAL LIBERAL PARTY The entire executive and many senior members of the party formed by Progressive Conservatives who rejected the merger with the Canadian Alliance have joined the Liberals.The Progressive Canadian Party, which used the old PC logo and the ideals of the old Tory party, will likely continue, […]