Movement to Ban Pesticides is Gaining Incredible Steam

Letter to the Sentinel-Review
Will Woodstock move to limit or outright ban the use of pesticides?
The national movement to ban the use of pesticides is gaining steam. Nearly 50% of the Canadian population is now covered by a pesticide ban of some sort, and every day we hear of another city wisely coming on board to protect its’ peoples before the lawsuits start. The amount of pesticides used annually worldwide now exceeds 2.5 million tonnes with the vast majority of those chemicals being used in North America. Pesticides come in many forms. Bactercides are used for the control of bacteria. Fungicides control fungi and oomycetes, herbicides for weeds, insecticides for insects,miticides for mites, molluscides for snails and mollusks, Nematicides for nematodes, rodenticides for rodents and virucides for the control of viruses. Mix them all together and you get a humanacide.(okay, a fake word but it sounds like something sinister…and it is.) These chemicals and their agents have been around for more than 4500 years in some form or another. In ancient times the Sumer region was well noted for its’ usage of sulphur dust to protect crops. By the 15th century man began to experiment with mercury, lead and arsenic as a pesticide. Could you even imagine eating a meal made from vegetables and grains grown in this manner? No wonder that people in those days lived a life of about 28 years. Our local and national community could do without these products. When it comes down to it, a ban is in order, and nothing less. In Peterborough, Ontario they banned the usage outright, and there was no time to get in line. It was a done deal, with no arguing.(except from the lawn care companies that had something to lose.) I suppose if I was in the chemical business I too would be begging for mercy. I do not feel sorry for these lawn care companies, just for the people that may lose their jobs, but then again, new ones will be created by people who have the smarts to go out and find user friendly treatments for their lawn services. The times they are a changng, and the lawn companies need to get in line with this changing perspective nationally. It is impossible for these lawn companies to control “overspray”, and it is impossible for them to control where their chemicals and poisons land. The chemicals leach from your neighbours lawn, into the environment, or onto your property. It does not matter that one property owner may wish to not use these chemicals when the neighbours on each side of them are out there poisoning everything to death. One person I spoke with last night (at a meeting of the Green Earth Campaign)said that her neighbours have skull and crossbones erected on their lawns after treating them, while her property has a nice organic sign. She said that while the neighbours sprayed, her home smelled like a chemical factory, and it stayed that way for several days. Point is, if you can smell it, then the chemicals are not staying where they should, and these companies that spray them everywhere should be held liable for that. If it rains, the runoff will hit your property. If your pets go near the chemically laced lawn, lick or eat the grass, they will die or become incredibly sick. Recently I had the opportunity to attend a meeting of the local IPM(integrated pest management committee) which deals with pesticides and their management at the local level. It was the inaugural meeting of the new committe struck after the November municipal elections. This committee has been stacked against the people since its’ very inception about 6 years ago. This committee(which is a direct offshoot of council) is populated by special interest groups.. The main players are a chemical company spokesperson who apparently is now retired and is interested in not banning these things, but making sure hysteria doesn’t take over, and a manager of sorts from the Nutri Lawn company, who during this meeting stated that people would just go out of town and drag the chemicals back to Woodstock therefore a ban is useless. The third player is a golf course person who is not for a ban, but is thinking more along the lines of lets educate the people. Education does not work. The vast majority are in no position to take the time to examine this themselves, but if a ban was put in place, they too would stop using these things. This committee which has met for 6 years now, has consumed almost $60,000.00 of ratepayers money and has not made any difference to this situation. They have produced a pamphlet. I have not met one person who has seen this pamphlet aside from the members of the “committee’; themselves. How can it make a difference when its’ stacked with the players they have? Bob McFarland is probably the only guy on the comittee who really has the community interest at heart, but for him its’ pretty easy to be pushed around by the chemical guys in charge. I am of the opinion that the committee is a waste of resources, time and money and should be dissolved immediately as it is on the wrong track and is stacked with chemical industry players. Lets put fast food restaurants in charge of transfat reductions, or big oil in charge of carbon emissions. This committee is guarding the henhouse with the fox! The way the committee talks, it could be another generation before this ban takes effect here, even though the ban is spreading like a wildfire across the nation. These guys say the evidence is not conclusive for them, no doubt, it wouldn’t be for me either if I was making a living spraying death and destruction everywhere. I wonder to myself, do these people have children? Do they plan on it? Would they let their kids roll around their toxic lawns? Would you pour your kids a glass of toxic kool aid?(turn on your tap and thats’ what you are getting folks) Do they care that these chemicals are killing the human population through gentic mutations and other horriffic illnesses that are spreading through our communities? No, not until it directly affects them. I liken the use of pesticides to a person spraying “RAID” down their own throats for mouth wash. It’ll kill the bugs, but its’ taking you with it, and if it doesn’t you might be able to get your offspring a good job in a freak show waving with their extra arms.Come on Woodstock, let’s get this thing moving. The IPM won’t be doing it for us. If you love your kids, and want to leave a clean world behind for them, jump on board this fast moving train and give the city a call and voice your concerns. 519-539-1291, that is the number you want to call. The public needs to pressure the officials in charge to make this change. The chemical guys will not help any of us. Or better yet, come and join us for a night at a real committee that is really interested in seeing these destructive agents removed from our local environment. There are a myriad of ways to control pest outbreaks, and it’s pretty easy to get down and pull a weed or two, in fact I think it is a really easy thing comapred to loading your loved ones up in a casket, or taking them to the regional cancer clinic, or having a prosthesis made for kids that were born with no arms or legs. The evidence is real, the stuff is bad, it’s time to get rid of them from the Woodstock landscape.Say no to pesticides, before they kill the human population. Want to help? Call us, email us or just be there to show your support.Jim Bender519-537-8144Connie Searles 519-421-3914

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    i could not have said it better than that! if it goes to a vote, the thing would pass in an instant

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