Election Loan Loophole Needs To Be Closed

It is an odd practice that here in Canada we are permitted only to spend so many dollars on an election campaign, and by law we are only permitted to donate so many dollars towards any campaign during one fiscal year, but we are permitted to “loan” any riding association or campaign as much money as we want.
This practice once more has come to light as a result of the defection of Liberal Wajid Khan to the Tory folds.
Mr Khan, a former car salesperson and dealership operator from the GTA loaned his riding association many thousands of dollars, well in excess of legal doantion limits imposed by Elections Canada.
My thought on this is that if donations above a certain value are illegal, then so should “loans” be illegal as well.
This is just one more flaw in a a well skewed electoral system that obviously sides with money and not democracy.
Oddly, during hearings on the new proposed Federal Accountability Act, both the CONservatives and the LIEberals shot down the proposal that these loans should be recalculated to be included as donations.

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