Michael Ignatieff The Supposed Liberal Leadership Front-Runner..Does A Grand Flip-Flop

Michael Ignatieff , the percieved front runner in the Fiberal leadership race has no idea what he’s doing from one day to the next.
Ignatieff commented on Monday to several national media sources that if he “lost the leadership race, he would not run in an election again”. Yesterday, he changed his mind after being told what a petulant little comment could do to his chances…
Hmmm..sounds a little petty to me, but hey, we’re talking about Canadas’ premier emminent intellectual master here..yu know, the guy that knows better for all of us?
Michael, should just go back to the USA where he came from. The chance this guy could lead the FIBS into an election is pretty good, but the chance he’ll win it with his” I’m just too good for most of you peons attitude” is pretty minute.
And for the Fiberals, just what the hell are you doing, dragging on a leadership drive for the last 7 months, with another 3 to go? This is a longer process than the US elections. Dumb, dumb and dumber.
Scott Brison said Ignatieff’s repeated screw ups suggest the MP has poor political judgment and insufficient experience to lead a national party.
“These gaffes are damaging to a leadership campaign but they will be terminal to a national general election campaign,” Brison said in an interview. Brison is running for the leadership of the party as well. He formerly was a member of the old CONservative party, but dumped the party after it united with the right wing Alliance-Reform Party. Brison, openly gay, was told by the new CONservative party that his membership was not welcome, as he is a gay rights activist, and the party was against gays and lesbians.
So, the FIberlas are gettin’ busy…I’m pretty sure we’ll see the mud fly in coming weeks.

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