Daily Archives: August 31st, 2006

Defence Minister Gordon O’Connor Says The Polls Are Wrong

DEFENCE MINISTER GORDON O’CONNOR SAYS ALL CANDIANS SUPPORT THE AFGHAN MISSION, WE JUST USED THE WRONG POLLSTERS Defence Minister Gordon O’Connor has reiterated once again that an “overwhelming” majority of Canandians would like to see the presence in Afghanistan increased until all the Taliban are gone. He has stated that the Canadian contingent in Afghanistan […]

CONservatives Announce A $110 Million Dollar Birthday Party For Quebec City.

QUEBECERS ECSTATIC OVER HUGE BIRTHDAY BASH THANKS TO STEPHEN HARPER Stephen Harper has announced that his government will spend $110 million of taxpayer money in support of Quebec cities’ 400th birthday, in a bid to get some votes in Quebec where his support is faltering badly. Harpers’ people in Quebec say Ottawa will provide $40 […]

Michael Ignatieff The Supposed Liberal Leadership Front-Runner..Does A Grand Flip-Flop

MICAHEL IGNATIEFF BACKTRACKS ON STATEMENTS MADE TO THE PRESS Michael Ignatieff , the percieved front runner in the Fiberal leadership race has no idea what he’s doing from one day to the next. Ignatieff commented on Monday to several national media sources that if he “lost the leadership race, he would not run in an […]