Jason Kenney, PM Harpers’ Right Hand Man, Chills With Iranian Terrorists!

Jason Kenney the parliamentary assistant to Stephen Harper, has spent the past week bashing some silly Liberals about hangin’ out with the Hezbollah, a banned terrorist group in Canada.
Kenney denounced Liberal MP Borys Wrzesnewskyj as being a friend of terrorism by stating that he believes Hezbollah should be removed from the banned list of terrorist groups, in order that the government may open talks with them, to facilitate a peace negotiation.
So Mr Jason Kenney, how do you broker a peace deal with ANYONE, when you cannot talk/negotiate or communicate with these people…
Hmmm…me thinks, you have a fast lip, and a low cranium capacity…
So, it was pleasantly refreshing when the Libs came out swingin’, with a good photo of Jason Kenney,taken in April, at a public rally, in support thereof, Chillin’ with Iranian terrorist organization, National Council of Resistance of Iran, the political wing of the PMOI, or People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran, obviously not too concerned about anyone there in attendance.
The PMOI is one of many names used by the MEK, or Mujaheedin-e-Khalq, an armed Iranian group formally designated as a terrorist organization by the governments of Canada, the United States and the European Union. The Canadian government put the group on its list in May 2005.
So what the hell…fundamentally, this guy is a “talk out of both sides of the mouth” kinda man, so why would we ever believe anything he has to say can possibly be true? He is the official mouth of the CONS, direct into the PMO, and he will never serve the people of Canada in any capacity, except for the intereststhe PM tells him to invest in. It is obvious that his unique inept handling of this crisis in management of an international problem is ridiculous, and must have come direct from the PMO itself.
Harper has just burned up one more peon in his quest for self interest, his method of crash and burn politics is to blame.
In order to develope a decent policy, all sides must be invited to the table, whether we like them or not. Siding unequivocally with either set of people, will only set into motion, a continuum of hatred and violence towards the west.
The west needs to get in, rebuild those areas, faster than Hezbollah can afford to(they have money, but not that much), and this will endear the people to us and our policy, but both sides need the same approach handed to them.
Shame on Stephen Harper and his official mouthpiece for sticking it to the Libs, when they were just as guilty of supporting the “bad guys” as the Liberals had been accused of a few days before….
jim bender

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