Canadas’ Health Minister, Tony Clement, Takes A Taxpayer Funded Ride To Sweden

Tony Clement, our beleagured nations’ health minister, has earned a slot at the trough.
Canadas’ first and only safe injection site is about to close, unless the federal government decides to extend its’ certificate of approval from Health Canada.
So, instead of looking at the statistics from the centre on issues such as disease prevention, Clement has brought it upon himself to look at Sweden’s system of drug treatment.
Not that it’s wrong to look at other countries systems, but what is wrong, is that he could have made a phone call, or a video over internet conference, instead of flying, first class, staying at the best hotels, in order to achieve something in 5 days, that could have been done in an hour.
Why not have someone just “fax” the info?
Geez, that’s a waste of money!
I’m just waiting to find out who gets off the plane with him! Wifey…the kids…perfect timing for the end of summer vacation he’s always wanted….
Basically, shit or get off the pot…
Insite has done an astounding job fostering a clean environment for drug addicts to exchange needles, and to obtain information on health care and drug rehabilition.
We cannot reasonably expect people to come in from the streets, if we can’t take the program to the streets where its’ needed the most.
The prevention of healthcare pandemics in the nature of AIDS and Hepatitis is of paramount interest to most Canadians. The amount of money spent in comparison to the looming spectre of unfettered diseases spreading through our communities is small. Inaction on any governments behalf in this human trgaedy is unforgiveable.
But hey, the good thing is, Tony got a free trip, and a way out of the bad media spotlight he’s had in recent weeks.
jim bender

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