CMA Elects An Anti-Public Health Care Leader!!!!(not good for us peons!)

Canadian doctors have sadly elected a new president and leader in Brian Day, the operator of a private “for profit” medical centre(Cambie) in Vancouver, Canada.
This does not sit well with most Canadians who have financed a public system since the 1960’s, and who by most measures will be unable to pay the cost of private care.
250 delegates to the CMA’s annual meeting voted in droves to keep the message of “we want a private option” on the table, and as a result, have elected one of the most anti-public health system in its’ history.
A day earlier, they overwhelming approved a resolution asking governments across the country to remove existing bans that prevent physicians from practising in both the private and public sectors. They rejected an amendment that said such a move would be allowed only if there was no negative impact on the publicly funded system.
So folks, there we have it…the answer to everything.
My personal thought on the matter is as such.
Doctors bristle at the notion of publicly controlled wages. Many docotors whine and complain about high costs of tuition, and the difficulties in managing day to day health care needs on a system that is flawed in its’ design.
I’ve always felt that it is wrong for the government to control wages, but charge maximum rates for its’ education of doctors.
The change on this should be in the way education is handled.
There should be no charge education for medical doctors, and wages should be controlled by the government.
There should be a requirement that doctors spend 10 years serving the nation, (that would pay back the costs of educating them), and then are free to go wherever they wish.
This would stop the bickering over high debt repayments, and would allow for Canada to build upon services.
If the government controls your wages, then the government should take charge of educating them as well.
jim bender

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