Daily Archives: August 22nd, 2006

Justice Minister Hopes To Get Rid Of Preliminary Trials In Canada

CANADIAN STUNNED JUSTICE MINISTER TOEWS WANTS TO GET RID OF PRELIMINARY INQUIRIES IN COURT TRIALS Okay…this is just absolutely stunned. Justice Minister Vic Toews has announced he will do away with preliminary inquiries if he has his way as they are a hinderance to getting people into jails quickly. I think they fucked up…the reduced […]

Harper Fails Miserably At Reducing Hospital Wait Times

STEPHEN HARPER APPEARS UNABLE TO MOVE FORWARD ON HIS ONCE ILLUSTRIOUS AGENDA The CONservative minority government has lied to us, again. One more major point of his limited 5 point platform, has fallen by the wayside with the admission that he doesn’t know how to reduce wait times when he has no money to spend […]