Support for Israel unjustified

Canadas’ Prime Minister, Stephen Harper has unequivocally expressed his support for the bombardment of the Lebanese state by Israel.
Harper, speaking to supporters in Montreal, decidely supported the Israeli state by declaring that they had the right to prosecute anyone by any means necessary to ensure their survival.
It is believed that Harper made the declaration in order to garner more support from the Canadian-Jewish population in order to gain more support for a future majority government.
Muslim leaders in Quebec have previously stated that his support for the bombardment of Lebanon may cost him support in Quebec, but Harpers’ spokesperson, stated that the numbers of people opposing him are small, and that there are more benefits to be gained by supporting the Jewish state than there are in supporting the muslims, as most Muslims vote Liberal anyways…
So basically what they are saying is that…if it’s worth more politcal brownie points…do it…if not…screw them.
My opinion on this situation is not so admirable as Harpers.
I think that the UN should declare both of these states as “terror” states, and that the UN should engineer a ceasefire immediately to the growing conflict before it embroils the balance of the middle east into it.
Canadians cannot use historical reference to engineer a ceasefire. Both sides of the conflict must be recognized, and both sides need to come to the conclusion that wasting lives is silly.
Peace is not met with murder, and peace does not come easily. But in the larger picture, it is all that is required. Speak to civilans and on both sides you will see the growing fear and distrust of one another. The preoccupation of arab states with the notion of killing off Israel must come to an end, and the jewish state must realize that their existence has been achieved with massive costs to humanity.
Canada should not sit by and watch from the sidelines.
Canada has been the engineer of many peaceful transitions in governments and nations. Canada has a destiny to fulfill in terms of leading the charge for human rights and decency. It is not decent to pulverize a weak and susceptible nation into oblivion.
Lebanon has been on a weak democratic footing since the withdrawal of foreign troops from its’ land.
If we wish to redefine the future of Lebanon, it will take more than a fleeting commentary, or intervention. It will require a worldwide solution to a growing international problem.
C’mon world, get on with it. We are all on this planet together, let’s make room for each other and live together in some form of peaceful balance. This balance can be attained through the use of humanitarianism, thoughtful planning and an ideal that all individuals regardless of creed, colour and religion have an intrinsic right to exist.
We need to remember that the children we are dropping bombs on today, will become the international terrorists of tomorrow.
Jim Bender, Woodstock, Ontario

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